About Us

Lunar Mulia Kreasi, located in the heart of Jogjakarta, Indonesia, offers a diverse collection of home accessories and home furnishings products. Within this range are tables, stools and benches, hand-carved sculptures, hand bags, tissue holders, trays, candle holders, and a broad collection of lighting products, including floor, table and wall lamps.

Lunar’s innovative design skills have been merged with a creative approach toward a sustainable future for Indonesia. By developing relationships with other local manufacturing organizations, Lunar has sourced many residue materials that were destined for incineration. In Indonesia, the cutting and burning of wood is the primary source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Lunar has now been supplied with teak stumps and demolition teak, salvage glass, pumpkin shells discarded from the food industry, residue leather and rescued sonokeling, a dark Javanese wood. Lunar has even made use of one of the most beloved examples of Javanese culture: Batik. Reused batik cloth is used for the surface of its serving trays. Many of Lunar’s creative designs have over 50% recycled content ingeniously conceived to enhance the beauty of the products, while maintaining its commitment to environmental stewardship.

In addition to recycled content, Lunar has taken advantage of the local abundant flora for other material requirements. These include hemp and abaca, water hyacinth and rattan, bamboo and casava as well as local grasses like mendong and pandan.

Lunar’s diversity of designs extends its market to the hospitality and commercial industry as well. It continues to provide goods to Indonesian hotels, restaurants, and spas and continues to successfully sell its lighting line throughout Europe and Japan. As an example of the sustainable companies of the future, Lunar is embracing the social and environmental responsibility of an organization in balance with a changing planet, thus providing inspiration to a generation of sustainable designers to come.